A downloadable prototype for Windows

Its 2178 - twenty years since the Zanth invaded.  Earth, once beautiful, is now dull and gloomy with its climate in chaos and its minerals depleting.  Scattered across the land are various Zanth outposts, many of which are used for harnessing energy and using it to better their own species.

You are part of a resistance group fighting back against the invaders.  In this short prototype, you have been tasked with taking down one of these energy outposts to weaken the Zanth.  Get in, destroy the core and get out.


WASD - Move (Hold LAlt to walk)

Space -Jump/Climb Up

Right Mouse - Equip Weapon

Left Mouse - Fire Bullet

Middle Mouse - Fire Grenade

Q - Grapple (while airborne)

W - Swing Forward

A/D - Turn While Hanging

E - Action/Adjust Grapple Length


ResistanceGame.zip 81 MB
Report.pdf 98 kB

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